Twits on the web?

Business in Vancouver had an insipid article on why businesses should be online.  Titled "To web or to not web", Darrel MacMullin laid out the reasons every small business should look at the web. Then he outlined four things that they should look for.

  1. Fulfillment - Can you ship?
  2. Trust - Do the customers believe?
  3. Communicate - Can they talk to you?
  4. The Money - They need to pay you.

It seems to me though that he brushes by one of the hugest factors on the web. The ability to have a two way conversation with your cutomer. The quote that I added to the site yesterday pointed out that comcast has a staff of 11 people to monitor and respond to twitter comments and conversations about service. Is it changing the way they do business? You bet!
Businesses can't miss those opportunities.

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