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As I sit and wait for a client I have a number of lingering thoughts and as my eyes crossed the Blogger symbol I realized it had been awhile.

Focus for a website. Absolutely critical. So many of my small business clients don't have tons of money and so the fact that they really can't afford to be off target really doesn't capture them or me. A large part of what I need to do is keep them on track. That isn't to say that ther isn't an iterative process that they are involved in. Will we get it right the first time? Almost certainly not. the trick is to keep the development fast and the mockups rough then as the concept gets clearer we can focus it.

I suppose that there is some sense in which my own site reflects that lack of focus. I have spent hours poring over CSS and yet my site doesn't reflect that knowledge. It doesn't link to it. It doesn't show it in the code... (well maybe here and there but not overall.)

So what needs to happen?

My own site review?

I've known for awhile that I need to put SpamAssasin in place for most of my clients yet I haven't done it yet.

Update my client portfolio. Talk about some of my other activities? YMCA teaching. Course for PIT on Websites for Professionals. And then there is the whole blogging thing itself.

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