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As I was sitting thinking this morning, drifting through some reading, blogs, journals, I came across an article that made me realize again that there is new thinking. In the past I have often referred to the "arrogance of science." Often science and scientists are unwilling to admit that there is another way of thinking about something. Blinders, same old same old - are all symptoms of the same kind of thing.

Part of the trigger this morning was an article about the deep physics of sand flowing though an hourglass. I won't even pretend to understand the physics involved. What struck me was the implications of this simple model. The physics have been described for 50 years but a group of researchers decided to examine it more closely. They discovered that there are some things that can be done to speed up the flow (or more importantly control it precisely.) And the implications are that applications which require precise measurement of granular flow for mixing purposes - drugs, food, construction - could be changed dramatically.

Then I had an article open in which a chinese philosopher was quoted "if you work on your mind with your mind How can you avoid an immense confusion?" Yet all we have to work on our minds is our minds. Our minds are wonderful instruments.

Which brings us to web design. I have been around long enough that some days I think I have seen it all. Yet part of what draws me on and intrigues me is that it is everchanging. Keeping abreast of it is a struggle. Things change quickly. We are connected in new and quirky ways. The callenge for me is how can I bring that freshness and excitement to my clients work? Not getting bogged down in the same old same old? But looking for new and fresh and exciting. How do you do it in your business or design?

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