Slow food movement comes to photos

So I'm rambling through my daily blogs and I come across a reference to Noticings .
Curious I think. I wonder what that is. And I click. And I'm launched into an incredibly simple site based on a game. And noticing the world around us. As the site says it is a wrapper for Flickr. A really simple way of getting people to look at the world around them. By assigning points (though that part isn't clear) people are encouraged to look and photograph the world around them.
Just glancing through the feed of photos is an amazing experience.
And it is a marvelous use of the technology of GPS/location.
Will I get involved? Maybe. It means finding my camera, getting pictures, getting them and location data to Flickr. Seems like an overwhelming thing that would be vastly simplified if I had a simple upload from my camera phone.
Is it the next big thing? Will it go viral? I can see it really appealing to a certain niche.

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