Scope Creep, Lack of Planning

Angus: no - I'm laughing... this dam thing is a mess
and is an absolutely classic example of not planning ahead

Client: sigh


Angus: It's not whether you are going to make mistakes

it is - can you fix them? As my old cabinetmaker/mentor used to say

Client: this site isn't that much fun anymore


Angus: well it is a beautiful site

and yeah there are some silly little things wrong
but all fixable
so you have it going to the executive tomorrow?

Client: i'm' going to get this techrep view going (BTW - userviews are they way to go)

he is going to demo it

Angus: so what needs to be fixed for then?


Client: the block drop and the header misalignment in the center is the biggest issue

if I can get the tech rep working with the view export, then I think that may impress a few people

Angus: okay - let me see what I can do in the next few minutes with that

For the demo here is the line to use "We build the site in firefox because it is the most standards compliant browser"
Client: handy

Angus: "The very last thing we do is test and tweak for browser compatibility."

which is true - I keep thinking we are ready for browser compatibility
but we are not not just handy but true
browser compatibility should be the last thing done in a site build

Client: that's the thing, CEO sees the functionality work and then goes off on cosmetics


Angus: well your job mister project manager is to reign him in

that is a very common problem
and very difficult to manage if that's any consolation
while I"m on the subject of difficult. In my growing experience front page is one of the last things that should be worked on
trouble is that it is the first place everybody comes
so they see that first and don't get any further


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