Project Management Made Easy : D. Keith Robinson

Project Management Made Easy : D. Keith Robinson

Simple has always appealed to me. Project management is never easy but the process is not necessarily the problem. Breaking the project up into steps and then maintaining clear communication with the important people on a project appears to be easy but isn't.

The people that are good at it though are stellar project managers. Detailed job orders. Getting a clear picture of what is involved is absolutely the best way to setup the steps in the task. Deciding how you will know that you have reached where you ready for the next step.

Fancy software is one way to try and do all this but the truth of the matter is that I'm having more success recently with just a desktop wiki than I have with any other software. PHProjekt - activeCollab - Basecamp - Campfire. All seem like great programs but don't lend themselves to the kind of projects that I seem to be using or doing.

Communication - I like the once a week update. Simple email that clarifies the status of projects. I use it amongst collaborators but had never thought of using it with customers. I'm not sure why I hadn't made the distinction.

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