Terra Nova Village Veterinarian

Though this site is not on my hosting, I built it with Drupal through Cpanel and ftp. Used to working on the backbone with shell to move files and compress and uncompress files, it slowed down construction and introduced some interesting challenges. The site development came to me through a system adminstrator/contractor. He supplied me with a psd from a graphic designer that I had worked with before. I worked out the functionality and created the Drupal template from the design.

The site utilizes the nice menus module to handle a complex side navigation. The dog overlay in the corner was an interesting 3d effect that I have since used on several other sites. There is a photogallery. The page layouts internally ended up being quite complex and I ended up producing them as well. I took word documents and recreated them in html and put them in the page.  I also made all the images web-ready.

After a change in ownership the Drupal site was taken down and replaced with $99 template site. All the copy on the new site though is largely cut and paste from the old site as is the site architecture.