Lifeforce Medical Support Services

One of my early sites built with the templating system of Dreamweaver, the Lifeforce site focussed on developing business for the new business. The architecture of the site evolved with the business. Trying to extablish the businesses credentials in a field where there are many fly-by-night operators - the site emphasized the training, insurance, and certification of their employees.

From a techinical standpoint the site is dated. Can you imagine we used tables for positioning back then? We are slowly rebuilding it to reflect the growth of the business. There are several pieces. Images in the headers are surrounded by a heavy black border. Rather than creating a border on the image, CSS is used. This allows the image to be produced quickly and reproducibly.

On the training component of the site I used a simple repeating background to create a filmstrip like effect for the pictures of the training sequence. This clever reuse of the background image allowed the use of a lot of small images in a time when page weight was important.

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