the Laughing Boomer

The Laughing Boomer is a site designed to promote the speaking and writing interests of Mahara Sinclaire. Specializing in fun retirement and making sure that the financial expertise is well applied this simple site has a blog and a newsletter signup function.Built originally as a small static site with a blog, we tried to integrate a PHPList newsletter in fairly soon after the initial build.  After struggling with it for a while moved to a Drupal site. This movement allowed the integration of blog posts, pages, a shopping cart (done with Ubercart) and a newsletter. We tried several email systems before settling on Benchmark Email. The theme was designed to be very spare and simple allowing visitors to focus on her content. We have been working on a Photo Gallery for the site and while the site currently runs on Drupal 5 it is slated to be moved to Drupal 6 after Christmas 2009.

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