Part of Something Bigger

I just got an email from one of my clients Tony Chen of SavvyDaddy. I've been playing Website Janitor on his Drupal site for a couple of weeks now. The Chicago Sun Times picked up his fund raising efforts for Disaster Relief in Haiti.

I've been following the  story on radio primarily. From the breaking down of Canada's Governor General (of Haitian origin) to the reporter yesterday who told of watching a child stillborn and then the mother dying within moments - then being unable to finish the story. Stories of frustration, anger, hope and charity.

But disconnected mostly. Cynical because of previous relief and development experiences. (Buildings whitewashed with milk powder comes to mind.)

I don't have a TV and I'm not a big user of Internet news so I saw my first images today as I waited to get my hair cut. The images were poignant. Child wandering dusty rubble strewn streets. Agitated politicians trying to find food and water. Broken bodies lined up. Devastation.

And suddenly I'm part of something bigger. Reaching out. Helping.

And in some small way it feels good again.

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