Marketing Drupal, the Small Farm Connection

I have wondered for awhile if focussing on a particular niche was the way to go with Drupal. I have a good friend who is working hard on the "Drupal in a Box" concept. Part of the concept involved having templates for lawyers and others in small business that want a bit more than the blog or cookie cutter world offers.

So when I saw this connection on Springwise, a showcase of entrepreneurial ideas, I thought Drupal. Firebug inspection required and sure enough the giveaway in the head. And what a model! 250 sites focussed around an industry. Not just an industry but a niche in the industry. Partners with other businesses serving this niche. How perfect is this? Check out Small Farm Central.

The pricing is interesting. A very similar price point to mine for hosting but the setup pricing is really interesting and suggests the use of automated setup. Quite rigid content. Price variables not only on features but on benefits. In other words more email addresses? more money not that hosting more email costs more than the minute it takes to set up. I do wonder what how custom templates are priced. Adding 10 new templates a year to the pool of basic templates is a good antidote to the "the all look the same" issue.

And through my mind keeps winging a quote from a client conversation yesterday. "We like the open source model."


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