Managing Change Management survey results

Peter de Jaeger is known to me as the man who prepared Canada for the millenium bug. He was everywhere, TV, radio, print. Authoritative, provocative and I think is singlehandedly responsible for the fact that the year 2000 was a non event technologically speaking. So when Peter speaks out about thinking independently - I listen. Challenging as I go out on a sailboat as skipper for a week with a bunch of teenagers. "Master and Commander" comes to mind. Francis Drake was recognized as a Master sailor by his peers. His name was to strike fear into his enemies. Yet he was beloved by those who sailed with him. He clearly knew how to have men follow him to the ends of the earth, literally. Opposition? He executed or disciplined very severely. Yet he often consulted with his sailors, broke down the barriers between gentlemen and sailors, and many other uncharacteristic acts. An interesting fellow by all accounts.

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