Looking over my Shoulder - Adobe's Business Catalyst

This morning I ran across Adobe's new product - Business Catalyst . My first thought was "This is it. This is the product. It has finally arrived." And I am not scared.

Five years ago I sat in a small cramped room in Yaletown for the demo of a new product. It did what I did - building a website with incredible functionality. But it did it with a few cllicks of the mouse.  I walked out scared. Like Pogo in the famous cartoon strip "We met the enemy and he is us"

And for the next few years I kept looking out for the implementation of the project. I began working with Drupal and realized that in its modular plugin architecture it had the elements of the system. As I have watched the implementation of Drupal growing easier and more complex I realized that I had found a tool that allowed me to compete.

Hosted content management. Out of the Box Online Store. Built-in CRM and Web Form Builder. Email Marketing. Powerful Modules. Reporting and Analytics. Design and Customization. This is a powerful inducement and Adobe is a powerful business entity. I'm sure the product works. So why am I not worried?

Building a website is not a few clicks of a mouse. It is a complex interaction of design, strategy, technical requirements, and implementation. Business Catalyst may become part of my toolbox. (Though I will be more likely to use Drupal Gardens because of my committment to the Drupal community.) Like the New York plumber who said when asked about why he could charge $1,000 for 15 minutes of work. "It was 15 minutes of work to put the X on the wall. You are paying for a lifetime of learning that let me know where to put the X."

Clicking a mouse isn't how a great website is built. Knowing which clicks to make and which modules to choose is what makes me great at my job as a Drupal implementer. And it isn't just a Drupal skill. It is a business website skill. Whether it is Drupal, Business Catalyst, or some other competitor.

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