A little newsletter that changes my attitude every week

On Tuesday mornings I receive without fail a little newsletter  in my inbox. Succeeding in Business is the thoughts and brainchild of Eric Albertson. Through the newsletter I have watched his family suffer, his business grow and change, and perhaps most importantly watched an incremental change that has gone from good to great.
I like a lot of things about this newsletter. A few months ago he made a transition to a new newsletter service. He made it as painless as possible. Yet from a marketing perspective he accomplished all kinds of things. At the top of each newsletter he has one line that I have seen in no other newletter that I recieve. How many words long the article is and his estimate as to how long it will take to read help me make the decision to move on and come back later or to read it now.
The examples are real and pertinent. I run a marketing business yet the vast majority of my colleagues are focussed on the web business and don't take the step back to see how their business fits into the larger picture. Eric gives me that larger perspective quickly, easily, and just in the right size dose each week.
I have not bought any of his onsell products and services but I have faithfully thought about and applied the information from his weekly posts.
Just plain good stuff.

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