Junior Achievement, Volunteering and I

Junior Achievement provides young people with insight into business. It does it a number of different ways. My favorite and a program that I have volunteered for for the last umpteen years is their "Stay in School" program, now called "Economics of Success". Geared to middle school students in that prime "Gonna drop out" age band. It shows them what is going to happen from a budget perspective if they do.
So imagine my surprise - Incentives to volunteer. JA will also be running a special contest just for volunteers in the Lower Mainland. If you deliver two or more JA elementary or middle school programs before February 9, 2010*, we will enter you in a draw to win a fantastic basket of Olympic-themed goodies, courtesy of RBC Foundation.
I wouldn't mind some help presenting freelancing as a great lifestyle choice as compared to a lot of bankers talking about their choice of careers. They are all "good sports" about it though and it is a lot of fun.

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