It will always be a Lego car!

"Build a beautiful website in minutes." proclaimed the ad. I've seen these before. In fact I've blogged about them before. So one might think I have a bit of a passion for the craftsmanship that it takes to build a beautiful website.  Having just read a wonderful article by Metal Toad's Tony Rasmussen entitled "A Sense of Software Craftsmanship" my pride is undoubtedly touched. I'm surrounded by traditional craftsman: boilermakers who take two hundred steps to make a weld; pipefitters who take seven days to join two pieces of stainless steel pipe; masons who take hours to smooth a surface while working with incredibly complex concrete formulations.

To compare a "Weebly" website and a handcrafted website is like comparing a lego car to a custom hot rod. Lego in its own right has a kind of beauty to it but you wouldn't think of taking it to the race track to see its time in the quarter mile. Nor would you expect a custom hot rod to be built in a few minutes for a few bucks. When I saw reference to the "Iron triangle" I knew instantly what they were talking about. Quality, time and money.

On the other hand we don't all need a custom hot rod. Somewhere in there is the passenger car and the regular mechanic who simply takes pride in his work.

As I reflected on the Software Craftsman Manifesto I realized that much of it was reflected in my own business slogans:

  •     Amazing flights of design fancy and freedom
  •     Taking risks and challenges in stride
  •     Helping you to win in a crowded marketplace
  •     Or leave your work in our hands and just sail away
  •     Careful attention to pixel perfect detail
  •     Old school craftsmanship with the latest in Drupal technology

And so I take with pride the epithet from one of my friends "You're just a blue collar guy."