Earth Day

After reading another blogs post on Earth Day, I couldn't help but record a few thoughts of my own. He reflected on Silent Spring and the tremondous changes that a single book written carefully but passionately made in the world.

When I stop to think about where my own concern for the environment comes from I have to stop and think of people and my own exposure to places.

In my mid twenties I had the opportunity to travel up a remote river in the Darien jungle. I saw a pair of macaws flitting from tree to tree. Until later I didn't realize what a rare sight it was.

Travelling a remote road in northern Saskatchewan I came across a herd of woodland caribou. I followed them slowly for several miles before they vanished. It wasn't till later that month I mentioned the sighting at a forestry conference that I realized what a rare sight that was. Several years later I had a conversation with a young fur trapper who had lived all his live in the area and had never seen what I had seen that morning.

Reflecting I think that the apalling thing to me is that there is very little chance that my children will see what I have seen. And on Earth day I have to pause and reflect wondering what I have done to try and make it possible for them...

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