Dragging data into day to day usage

 The Gripping Statistic: How to Make Your Data Matter
Simple idea. To make data understandable you need to bring it into day to day life.
I've used this trick for goal setting for awhile. A simple touchstone for example for my earnings goals. I'm running around $2500 a month. With a 20 day work month that means that each day I need to earn about $125 - About two hours of billable time a day.
Before you go getting all excited on me, recognize that is BILLABLE. I reckon that less than a quarter of the time that I spend working is billable. Marketing, adminstration, and education take huge amounts of time.
So my goal is by Christmas to kick that up to $5000 a month. It's going to happen two ways. By increasing the amount of billable time so that I work four hours a day that are billable that will increase my daily income to $250. And by working smarter. Reducing the amount of marketing that I do, the time that I spend in administration will allow me to continue to work simple 40 hour weeks.
All of that from a simple article on making data real.

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