Does this have wider application to freelancers?

Marketing Art on the Web : SEO

This provocative post got me thinking about other areas that similar tactics would work for SEO marketing of freelancers and a lot of small businesses.

"So how would I recommend marketing art?

  • Research to see what others have done to become successful using the internet. Maybe don't copy them, but consider how their ideas have spread.
  • Make sure your site design and format sells the same story you want the content to.
  • Don't be afraid to mess up. Many of my past posts are garbage. Many of my future posts will be as well.
  • Don't try to connect with everyone. The world is a big place. If you try to be interesting to everyone then you will be interesting to nobody.
  • Don't be afraid if sometimes people take things the wrong way or derive an alternate meaning. If people can't get multiple meanings from something how can it be good art?
  • Make sure you give people reasons to talk about you regularly.
  • Don't be afraid to be opinionated. Isn't art just an open expression of opinions and interpretations anyway?
  • Give stuff away. If people really want it they will find a way to access it. Piracy is a form of progressive taxation. Further consumption of your artwork is just going to lead to further consumption.
  • Give stuff away. Many artists have made their names by being the first or only person in their field to give stuff away in the format that they give it away. Helping others makes"
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