Data diving with Google Analytics

FutureNow's article on using the data in Google Analytics got me thinking. Dumpster diving is a great analogy. There are some really good points about making sure that you are using the metrics. I have a hard time getting most of my clients to set goals for their site. Still I think there are important things that can be learnt. Most of my clients are relatively small. 250 hits a day is pretty good for most of them. But that's all they need. Convert one or two and they are set for the next month's work.

I like to focus on three simple metrics:

   1. Bounce rate - Can we make them stick around? Where are they leaving the site? If all they are doing is hitting the front page on a 100 page site something is wrong. Are they understanding that there  is more.
   2. Length of time on the site - for most of my clients the site is a brochure. So the longer they spend on the site, the better off and the more informed the visitor is.
   3. Call to action. This is where it gets hard. Most folks don't have a clear picture of what they want visitors to do. Whether it is shoot off an email, fill in the contact page, subscribe to an RSS feed, sign up fora newsletter... it needs to be clear and you need to see if it is happening.

And i they get those right then some will convert into sales.



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