Dangerous Social Mashups

I discovered last night that I have three employees. Not.

But there it was. A listing of two Drupal developers and one themer. With their salary ranges which were not insignificant I might add. Still I have a lot of people that I work with but no employees. So how did this happen?

As near as I can figure it  the site that I was on is sponsored or maybe even a part of the media family known as Monster.com. I did several years ago apply for some jobs with monster.com. Could they have taken the resume data that I submitted and then turned around and used it in this "salary survey"? From their intro blurb:

CareerBliss Pratt Web Services salaries give you a view inside Pratt Web Services to see what Pratt Web Services employees earn!
Pratt Web Services salaries are submitted anonymously by current and past Pratt Web Services employees!
Have you worked at Pratt Web Services? If so, submit a Pratt Web Services salary review now![Link removed]

Anonymously is right. And no the information isn't correct.

So while it bothered me, I chuckled and moved on, making a mental note that I need to remember that the web is not a private place.

Then I read the Fast Company story this morning on the new "Sexual Harassment Directory" and I realized the huge potential for abuse. And once labelled A boss will have huge problems removing that label. The courts are taking a much livlier interest in matters web but will they be able to reign in this kind of terror. Who wouldn't check the registry if they have any concerns? And who will hold the registry accountable?

It may not be the registry itself that is the problem. Imagine the Google map "Where to find the Worst Bosses?" Or after all the PR work that a community does it finds itself dealing with a mashup that combines this type of information with Criminal Registries?

Dangerous stuff indeed.

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