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Marketing Drupal, the Small Farm Connection


I have wondered for awhile if focussing on a particular niche was the way to go with Drupal. I have a good friend who is working hard on the "Drupal in a Box" concept. Part of the concept involved having templates for lawyers and others in small business that want a bit more than the blog or cookie cutter world offers.

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Freelancing and Some Thoughts


I came across a Wall Street Journal article this morning on solo consultants.

The key points:

  • Think long term
    Many start it out as short term temporary fill-in-the-gap measure. To be successful you need to think about it as permanent.
  • Join a network
    Survival means marketing and one of the best and most natural is networking. Be connected
  • Have your own space
    Babies crying, dogs barking, etc. These are unprofessional not to mention the need to manage interuptions.
  • Think like an entrepreneur
    Business plan, goals, mission statement. Be innovative and track/manage what you do.

So this is a good list. How am I doing as a Freelancer?

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2010 New Year's Resolutions


"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." Bill Vaughn

Simple is good for me.

Be it resolved that I shall, this year, write a poem each day, journal at least five times each week, and write a blog entry each week.

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Community Development and Social Media


Ten years ago I walked away from a career in "Community Development". I was tired of fighting government bureacracy, trying to convince politicians that people were important, and making businesses that should never have even been started - viable.

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Junior Achievement, Volunteering and I


Junior Achievement provides young people with insight into business. It does it a number of different ways. My favorite and a program that I have volunteered for for the last umpteen years is their "Stay in School" program, now called "Economics of Success". Geared to middle school students in that prime "Gonna drop out" age band. It shows them what is going to happen from a budget perspective if they do.

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