February 2010

Sailing Performance and Freelance Business?


Sometimes you see something so simple and you whack your head.

High Performance = (Skill + Commitment) - Distraction

As I was reading about the US Sailing Team's major advances this little formula in the article caught my eye. And while I was tempted to make some connection to the Olympics currently occuring in Vancouver, my neck of the woods, I resisted out of fear of the IOC tracking me down like they did Verizon and Red Bull.

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Web Site Janitor

The website janitor specializes in cleaning up Drupal* websites.

  • Have you ever looked at your Drupal website and thought "It needs to be updated and cleaned up"?
  • Have you ever wished that all the Drupal updates and upgrades would just happen?
  • Have you run into a thorny little Drupal issue that defies common sense?

Wish no more. The Web Site Janitor will go through your website and clean up. Our cleaning process includes the following steps:

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Ship early, ship often, iterate and listen to all of the feedback. I think that if you have the courage to listen and the ability to take the feedback and iterate on your product, you will better off than waiting and trying to deliver something perfect.

Joi Ito

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Freelancing and Some Thoughts


I came across a Wall Street Journal article this morning on solo consultants.

The key points:

  • Think long term
    Many start it out as short term temporary fill-in-the-gap measure. To be successful you need to think about it as permanent.
  • Join a network
    Survival means marketing and one of the best and most natural is networking. Be connected
  • Have your own space
    Babies crying, dogs barking, etc. These are unprofessional not to mention the need to manage interuptions.
  • Think like an entrepreneur
    Business plan, goals, mission statement. Be innovative and track/manage what you do.

So this is a good list. How am I doing as a Freelancer?

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