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Robin's Blog: Push the Envelope

Last night the local paper had a full page ad from a local entrepreneur. A salvo in a local war to have the local airport closed, it was a rare insight into the soul of an entrepreneur. The energy that it takes to be out on the leading edge is truly draining. Jeff Robinson talked about how he refreshes himself with flying and boating. Truly inspirational. But also a clear recognition of the energy and time that it takes to create something new.

Robin's simple list is not so simple.

  • Taking the road less traveled.
  • Taking responsibility for results in a world that blames.
  • Seeing possibilities that no one else has yet dreamed of.
  • So push the envelope.
  • Refuse to accept the ordinary.
  • Let go of the chains that have bound you to the ordinary.
  • And definitely leave the herd (the only place you'll reach when you follow the crowd is the exit).
  • Stand for your best.
  • Devote to excellence.
  • Become wildly innovative and wear your passion on your sleeve.
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