How to differentiate yourself

The Four Myths of Professional Services Marketing

"Professional service firms differ from one another in many ways, including size, scope of services, culture, client management philosophies and people. Yet, to clients, their Web sites make professional service firms look like clones of one another.

Look at the Web sites of a handful of firms, and you'll find similar, hollow marketing messages, such as these:

'Our passion is providing insights to small businesses which lead you and your organization to financial well-being.'

'We have built our firm with the resources and support to help meet your long and short-term financial goals.'

Clients buy services from people they believe in. Meaningless claims like those won't get the job done.

Your Web site should help you gain clients' trust. How? Build your site's content around specific client problems and issues, not your qualifications or generic mission statements. Give clients what they're looking for—a way to see that your firm understands exactly what they need."

Currently working with a client on exactly this problem. Case studies - show me don't tell me - the old writers adage. I have to call to find out how big an event you can handle. I want to know what you have done. Remote service? How remote? Can you do my job in Kurdistan? or Kelowna or next door?

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