My current in depth portfolio can be seen at Portfolio List but I was recently challenged as to how many sites I had worked on. Sites that are still in existence I have linked to.

As I built the list I realized that a legend might be in order:

  • D - Drupal site.
  • S - Static site.
  • B - I built the site.
  • MT - I maintained or did troubleshooting on the site.
  • H - I host the site.
  • W - I built the site as part of a team.

Here is that list in no particular order:

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Community Development and Social Media


Ten years ago I walked away from a career in "Community Development". I was tired of fighting government bureacracy, trying to convince politicians that people were important, and making businesses that should never have even been started - viable.

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Twits on the web?


Business in Vancouver had an insipid article on why businesses should be online.  Titled "To web or to not web", Darrel MacMullin laid out the reasons every small business should look at the web. Then he outlined four things that they should look for.

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Timothy Ferris


The Holy Grail: How to Outsource the Inbox and Never Check Email Again

Wow. Really never check email? Hyperbole. BUT a great roadmap to that step required by freelancers seeking to move to that position where they can actually live the lifestyle that freelancing holds out so temptingly.

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Sailing and Work


Sailing and Angst Comparing Harleys to sailing seemed a bit of stretch.

But then I thought about my guilt at dodging out after a tough day to go sailing and I realized that there is something important that happens when I go sailing.

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