My current in depth portfolio can be seen at Portfolio List but I was recently challenged as to how many sites I had worked on. Sites that are still in existence I have linked to.

As I built the list I realized that a legend might be in order:

  • D - Drupal site.
  • S - Static site.
  • B - I built the site.
  • MT - I maintained or did troubleshooting on the site.
  • H - I host the site.
  • W - I built the site as part of a team.

Here is that list in no particular order:

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A wander down Memory Lane


In a trip down a trail of broken websites, looking for answers in all the wrong places, I found an old friend. Back when I was starting to learn web design and all things wild and wooly on the Internet, there was a cool site called Web Monkey . I learned how to use CSS on the site. It was my primer in Javascript. All sorts of web-related bits and pieces. And today I found it again. Relaunched as 2.0 beta, the stream of content seems massive.

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Panels 3 Presentation at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit


I had a great deal of audience help in my presentation on Panels 3.

The website is online at http://panels.anguspratt.com Login is Guest and guest to see the different panels for anonymous and authenticated users.

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Site Redesign


I have had several clients recently approach me about redesign. Simple stuff. Sites have a certain fashion cachet and they want to keep up. The iPhone and smartphones are taking over the world and sites need to refect that they will be seen in the small screen.

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25 Great Cheatsheats


I know it seems weird that someone who does webdesign would use cheatsheets but I do it all the time. Part of my wiki reference holds all these great one line codes or definitions that I use once or twice a month. I can't exactly remember the syntax of them. So this was a great find.
I thought for a moment that there wasn't going to be a Drupal one but there is and it is great.

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