Core contributing


For many of you it is old hat but for me it was a thrill. Yesterday I got the news that my patch for documentation of aggregator module and rdf had been accepted into core of Drupal 8. I have wanted to contribute more than bug reports and help solve problems in contrib modules for a long time.

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Four Project Pain Points


Projects have very predictable pain points. Recognizing them and overcoming them is the function of a good plan. Rules apply. Keep it simple. Visual, a sketch, works. Create focus. And then as you reach each of the pain points adopt a simple strategy.

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Upgrade hell


Tonight I ran into it again.

Upgrade hell.

jQuery, jQuery UI, CK Editor, Colorbox, Cloud Zoom, TinyMCE and then there is Drupal itself. Within the Drupal community there is a great respect for upgrading Drupal. Since Drush came along I can't say as I have run into any major problems with upgrading modules or core.

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Drupal security


Several months ago I put together a presentation for Linuxfest in Bellingham regarding several hacking events that I had experienced and the changes that I needed to make in my processes and Drupal sites to ensure that they were secure. I had a schdule conflict and wasn't able to give the presentation  so I have put together a short list here that I found useful.

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