Blog Checkup by Jakob Nielsen's Standards

Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

I bet there will be a lot of blogs that do a quick and dirty evaluation based on this list. It is a good one by someone who has a large platform one which to stand. Here's mine:

  1. No Author Biographies br>
    Business blog that has a little blurb but really - no biography.
  2. No Author Photo br>
    I have the Flash video - but then Flash is another one of Jakob's pet peeves.
  3. Nondescript Posting Titles br>
    Working on this one. It has actually become quite fun to make it punchy but also accurate.
  4. Links Don't Say Where They Go br>
    I don't often link within an article - I should more. And the top link I tend to let it speak with the author given title.
  5. Classic Hits are Buried br>
    Okay this is a problem. I can't call them hits because I don't have that many visitors. But I do have some key posts for myself and my clients and they are buried
  6. The Calendar is the Only Navigation br>
    Yup that's a problem. But then again I've been working on that with trying to work out how to put some categories on things.
  7. Irregular Publishing Frequency br>
    Sunday so it's time to blog - nope. But several updates a day and a six or seven a week.
  8. Mixing Topics br>
    I manage to stay fairly focussed here by having some other blogs that I'm using for more personal stuff.
  9. Forgetting That You Write for Your Future Boss br>
    Ha! but I may be writing for a future client and that is critical.
  10. Having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service br>
    Built it into my website... Thank you. If indeed Blogspot gets canned then we are indeed home free as are the clients that I have been working with.
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