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Freelancing and Some Thoughts


I came across a Wall Street Journal article this morning on solo consultants.

The key points:

  • Think long term
    Many start it out as short term temporary fill-in-the-gap measure. To be successful you need to think about it as permanent.
  • Join a network
    Survival means marketing and one of the best and most natural is networking. Be connected
  • Have your own space
    Babies crying, dogs barking, etc. These are unprofessional not to mention the need to manage interuptions.
  • Think like an entrepreneur
    Business plan, goals, mission statement. Be innovative and track/manage what you do.

So this is a good list. How am I doing as a Freelancer?

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Part of Something Bigger


I just got an email from one of my clients Tony Chen of SavvyDaddy. I've been playing Website Janitor on his Drupal site for a couple of weeks now. The Chicago Sun Times picked up his fund raising efforts for Disaster Relief in Haiti.

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Making my Drupal life easier - Drush and Multisite


It started as a simple question.  "Should I keep them [a small group of sites]as separate installs or make a multi site  - which I've never done?"

I have several sites setup as multisite. All are for clients that have several domains running. So I'm familiar with the process. And when I worked at Business Objects we ran our subdomains on a multisite installation. But several days ago I decided to make some changes.

I have ten or so small sites - almost brochure like. That were getting to be a pain to keep updated. So I did two things:

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2010 New Year's Resolutions


"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." Bill Vaughn

Simple is good for me.

Be it resolved that I shall, this year, write a poem each day, journal at least five times each week, and write a blog entry each week.

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Data diving with Google Analytics


FutureNow's article on using the data in Google Analytics got me thinking. Dumpster diving is a great analogy. There are some really good points about making sure that you are using the metrics. I have a hard time getting most of my clients to set goals for their site. Still I think there are important things that can be learnt. Most of my clients are relatively small. 250 hits a day is pretty good for most of them. But that's all they need.

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