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RSS feeds? - Yahoo! News


Column: What are online RSS feeds? - Yahoo! News

Two entries in one night! Unfortunately this will probably suffer link rot relatively quickly. While it lasts though it is an excellent description and introduction to RSS and how it is replacing email as a mode for client discussion.

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Beyond the Elevator Pitch: A High-Credibility Conversation |

Unfortunately a subscription article. I'm thinking as I start into this. Okay this is my itch. I'm convinced that the elevator pitch is not useful though I don't know why. I read on. I'm excited. Yes we are bombarded by little messages like this all the time. And then we get to the punchline. And I cry. It's another elavator speech! Albeit another format.

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Design Rip Brouhaha


Airbag - Scab.

It's easy to be intellectual about this debate but when you are anal about designs and when one gets "borrowed" or I like the line "used for inspiration" It hurts and right in the pocketbook too.

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How To Quickie: Notepad Log File -


Create a log in file in notepad by adding .LOG (and yes it must be capitalized.)

No thinking required.

Apparently F5 will do the same in Notepad.

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