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Farewell to Arms - Good bye to my old phone


I have had a new phone for about a week. And I have a useless mechanically sound phone that software updates have made obsolete.

My Motorola Spice (XT300) was about four years old. A brief slip into slide phones for Motorola, the Spice never was supported well. Sold only in Canada and Brasil. Updated once from Andriod 2.1 to 2.2 it finally let me down.  I got the phone with the idea that when I worked on job sites without an Internet connection it would let me tether so that I could continue working.

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3 Lessons from Bad Design


"Bad sex has three main lessons. Recognize it when you see it. Let go of the bad. And welcome the great." Chelsea Summers

Like bad sex, bad design has three main lessons.

  • Bad design needs to be recognized when we see it.
  • After recognizing it - let it go.
  • Then celebrate great design!
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Core contributing


For many of you it is old hat but for me it was a thrill. Yesterday I got the news that my patch for documentation of aggregator module and rdf had been accepted into core of Drupal 8. I have wanted to contribute more than bug reports and help solve problems in contrib modules for a long time.

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Four Project Pain Points


Projects have very predictable pain points. Recognizing them and overcoming them is the function of a good plan. Rules apply. Keep it simple. Visual, a sketch, works. Create focus. And then as you reach each of the pain points adopt a simple strategy.

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